RV Tips: 3 Hacks for Making RVing with Your Toddler Easy

Hi, my name’s Kate; I’m a full-time RVing mom with a 19-month-old and another on the way.  My husband and I chose RV life after spending six years in a 2000 sqft house.  We sold our home, bought a fifth wheel, and moved in with our son and golden retriever.  RVing with a toddler is not always easy; however, our experiences have given us some great RV tips for making your toddler feel at home, whether you’re full-time living in an RV or traveling for vacation. 

Family campground

Spend Time Outdoors

When he’s having a bad day, one of the best things for our son is to head outside. Ever since he was 6-months-old, he’s loved being outdoors, so we could tell that RV life would be a good fit for him. Now, whenever he’s especially fussy, we throw on some boots and a coat and take him outside to play. You’ll be surprised how quickly a change of scenery can turn a mood around.

Ollie running

Make a Space for Them

Everyone needs a space that feels like theirs, even a toddler, which is why we invested in an RV with a bunkhouse similar to this Forest River Sandpiper 384QBOK fifth wheel from Kamper City.  The second bedroom gave us a place to set up a crib, rocking chair, and bins for his toys so that he could always have a space for his things.

RV baby


I’ve found that many RVs are already reasonably well baby-proofed when it comes to the unit’s doors and drawers. Most cabinets and appliances are intentionally harder to open so that they stay closed in transit, and this works as a great baby-proofing system. Unfortunately for parents, RVs have outlets about every two feet, so stock up on outlet covers before you hit the road.

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