RV Tips: 5 Spring Cleaning Tips

Before you get out to the campground, prepare your RV for the new season by doing some spring cleaning. These Rv tips for spring cleaning will help you get your camper refreshed and ready for a new year of adventures. Learn the best practices for cleaning your RV from a full-time RVer below.

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Open All the Windows

First and foremost, you’re going to want to air out your RV, so as soon as you get inside, open up as many of the windows as possible. The best thing for a musty smell isn’t spraying the room with a new scent; it’s cleaning out the musty smell from the Rv sitting over the winter.

Clean the Appliances

Next, you’re going to want to open and clean all of your appliances. If you did not do this before closing your RV for the winter, this is vital. You don’t want to get to the campground and realize your refrigerator smells like mildew, and now all your food will as well. Take a little bit of time and spray down all of your appliances with a disinfectant, let it soak, and then wipe it all away.

Wash All Linens

The next thing you want to do is clean as many of the fabric surfaces as possible. If your RV has curtains, you might want to find a way to take these down; if you can’t, a steam cleaner will do the trick. This is also what I recommend using on your couches and mattresses. Additionally, take all of the pillows and blankets stored in your RV to the cleaners, and have them refreshed before you head out to the campground.

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Disinfect Surfaces

The next thing you’ll want to do is disinfect all the surfaces, including the counters in the kitchen and bathroom counters. I also recommend doing this to the floors because you don’t know if any pests made your RV their home over the winter. This helps to give you a clean space to start your vacations for the new year.

Seal Seams and Windows

Lastly, one of the essential parts of getting your RV ready for a new year of camping is to reseal all the doors and windows. You can schedule an RV service with Kamper City RV to do this for you and get your roof checked for any problem areas.
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