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Our Staff

Meet The Staff

Michael Duluc

Welcome to Kamper City. We started this company back in 1972 and from its beginning to today, our vision was simply this, give each and everyone of our customers the absolute best value for their dollar. Here you can get into the fun spirit of RV travel. You'll be amazed (and surprised) how affordable camping can be. After all my Company is only as good as the promises its keeps.

Company Phone Number is (330)-650-1491 ext 201
Company Fax Number is 330-650-0486
My Direct Line: (330) 241-2261
Mail me at: or

Tom Duluc

Tom has worked here since 2010 and he has been in the industry since 1998. Tom will help you find the exact Rv you are looking for. He is a father of 3 and he has passed on his love for camping and fishing to his family.

My Direct Line: (330) 212-8855 or (330) 650 1491 ext 202
Mail me at: or

Jason Stoyanov

Jason has been in Sales for over 10 years, enjoys camping and the outdoors. He is here to find the perfect camper for your needs.

My Direct Line: (330) 650 1492 ext 205
Mail me at:

Rick Buckley

Rick has been employed with us for over 2 years and truly knows the ins and outs of RVing. His knowledge of RV systems is above reproach and can troubleshoot like no other. When it comes to satisfying his customers concerns Rick prides himself with a quick resolution and gets them camping again. He is a father of 2 and has been married for 18 years. His son is an Eagle Scout, and his daughters enjoys volleyball.

My Direct Line: (330) 650-1491 ext 216 or (216)-262-3974 cell phone
Mail me at: or

Paul Baker

Paul has sold camper for 17 years. Paul has worked in every department and is knowledgeable with all aspects of campers. Paul enjoys outdoor activities and presently travels around camping.

My Direct Line: (330) 650- 1491 ext 217 or (234)-706-8098 cell phone
Mail me at: or